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The courage to survive

Philippines: Killings continue in poor communities in the philippines as authorities wage their war against illegal drugs.


When 3-year-old girls become 'collateral damage'

Philippines: Nobody is safe as innocence falls victim to philippine's deadly war on illegal drugs.


UN called on to probe continued Philippine drug killings

Philippines: Amnesty international accuses manila in hard-hitting report of maintaining a 'large-scale murdering enterprise'.


Drug killings bring rights drive in Philippine diocese

Philippines: Church leaders say they want to arm marbel parishioners with knowledge of human rights.


Bishop sends in teams to shield communities from killings

Philippines: Video footage, eyewitness acounts dispel philippine police claim shot drugs suspects resisted arrest.


Bishop urges Filipinos to speak out against drug killings

Philippines: The next victims of narcotics war could be them, head of bishop's' conference warns.


Bishops call for deeper analysis on drug killings

Philippines: Filipino prelates question why the poor seem to be targeted, not the kingpins.