Provincial polls ahead of Modi's battle royal

India: Indian prime minister's aura of invincibility was damaged by losses in gujarat election as congress smells blood.


Democracy showdown looms in Malaysia

Malaysia: Approaching elections should act as a safety valve in the multi-ethnic nation.


Sri Lankan women eager to grab election chance

Sri Lanka: Law change means more female candidates will stand in local polls next month.


Wake-up call for Modi after Gujarat victory

India: The prime minister's pro-hindu party won a sixth victory in his home state, but the opposition made serious in-roads.


BJP wins in crucial Gujarat poll, but support falls

India: Pro-hindu party president says victory was a lesson to opposition indulging in 'caste politics'.


Modi's party to retain power in Gujarat: exit polls

India: Despite political pundits saying bjp would struggle as a result of pm's federal policies, the party is poised to win..


Modi under challenge in India's crucial Gujarat state

India: Prime minister's decisions to withdraw high-value bank notes and impose a new tax has damaged bjp's standing.