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Ernakulam laity seek 900 million compensation

The loss of moral authority was immense and cannot be calculated, the petition said.


A group of lay organizations in Ernakulam-Angamaly archdiocese in Kerala has petitioned the Church’s synod demanding a sum of 900 million as compensation for financial and moral losses stemming from a series of land deals.

The petitioners, led by a group called Alamaya Munnettam (laity movement) submitted the petition before the permanent synod and Curia bishop of the archdiocese on Aug. 10.

The group alleged that the series of land deals had caused a financial loss of over 90 crores (900 million) rupees.

They claimed the Vatican had estimated that losses amounted to 91.40 crores. “Steps should be taken to repay the amount,” the petition said.

They also said the loss of moral authority was immense and cannot be calculated.

A report on the land deals by a committee appointed by the Vatican should be made public and those guilty should be punished, they demanded.

The petition also said the land deal took place under the leadership of Cardinal George Alencherry and therefore it was inappropriate for him to continue to head the synod.

They also suggested steps to ensure that such land deals do not take place in the future.

Besides, the Pastoral Council and the Council of Priests should be consulted before decisions were taken on any financial transactions, the petition said.

The memorandum was signed by leaders of the Catholic Youth Movement, Pastoral Council, and Alamaya Munnettam.

The lay leaders reiterated an earlier demand for the appointment of an administrative archbishop and reinstatement of auxiliary bishops Jose Puthenveettil and Sebastian Edyanthrath.

Source: The Hindu

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