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EU humanitarian aid volunteers to manage disasters

A week-long training was organized in Bangkok from June 6-10.


4400 people from South East Asian disaster affected countries will get the chance to become EU humanitarian aid volunteer.

Under the aid volunteers call, EU also plans to provide opportunity to 4000 EU citizens with diversified skills and professional experience to become humanitarian aid volunteer and additional 10000 online volunteering opportunities for people both inside and outside Europe, to give support to people already in the field.

A week-long training was organized in Bangkok from June 6-10for the project partners and applicant to understand the nature, scope and implementation of the project Caritas partners in 9 countries.

Supported by EU the project will be hosted by 7 South East Asia countries i.e. India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand and 2 European countries i.e. Romania and Czech Republic.

Caritas India will train 147 volunteers from disaster prone areas as hosting organisation on the theme of needs and damage assessment, search and rescue and project cycle management in emergencies. Other than this Caritas India as part of the consortium will launch an online portal for volunteer training and management.

Trained and well-prepared volunteers will be deployed as EU Aid Volunteers in humanitarian projects worldwide. The project will also provide networking platform to establish and facilitate interaction and partnership building, dissemination of information, the exchange of good practices during and after deployment.

The project will bring together volunteers and organisations from different countries, providing practical support in the provision of humanitarian aid and contributing to the strengthening of local capacity and resilience of disaster-affected communities.

It will also strengthen European Union's capacity to deliver needs-based humanitarian aid by providing professional support through the deployment of trained volunteers to people in need. Additionally it will also strengthen the capacity and resilience of vulnerable communities in third countries, through the implementation of joint projects between experienced humanitarian operators and local organisations in third countries.

Source: Caritas India

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