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Facebook arrests: youngsters wary of using social media sites

Youngsters have also been deleting their photographs, fearing misuse.

The Palghar girls arrested for Facebook post (Photo Courtesy: India TV)

After the arrest of two girls for their comments on a social media site, youngsters in Palghar, Maharashtra, are avoiding the use of Facebook and other such sites fearing hacking and misinterpretation of their comments.

"I have decided to stay off Facebook till the controversy settles down. Right now, it looks like accounts in Palghar are being hacked," said Dinesh Sankhe, a second-year commerce student from Palghar.

Shaheen Dadha, a 21-year-old college student, had questioned on Facebook why India’s commercial capital Mumbai came to a halt for the November 18 funeral of Shiv Sena leader Bal Thackeray.

Dhadha’s friend Renu Srinivasan was also arrested for adding a “like” to Dahda's post. Both were arrested November 19, leading to a public outcry.

Both the girls belong to Palghar.

Srinivasan, who had deactivated her account soon after the controversy broke out, is now back on Facebook.

While she has been receiving several friend requests from across the country, not many are from Palghar.

Sunil Vishwakarma, the teenager who was accused of posting abusive comments about Maharashtra Navnirman Sena leader Raj Thackeray a week after the Shaheen-Rinu controversy, has stopped using the social networking site.

It was found that his account was hacked. Vishwakarma has since deactivated his account.

Youngsters have also been deleting their photographs, fearing misuse.

"I have removed all my pictures from Facebook. My profile picture, too, has been replaced with an abstract," said Sneha Pandey, a class 12 student.

Just a week before the controversy broke, all cyber cafes in Palghar had to shut down. The police have asked cyber cafe owners to submit their fire audit reports.

Source: times of india

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