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The Australian nun who makes Duterte's blood boil

Sister patricia fox says she fell in love with the filipino people, especially their resilience and sense of humor.


Working dangerously in the Lord's vineyard

Apr 20, 2018

Philippines: Priests, nuns, religious and..

Church crackdown intensifies in China's Henan province

Apr 20, 2018

China: Sources say provincial party..

Nagpur Archbishop dies in sleep

Apr 19, 2018

India: He was in new delhi for the..

President in J&K, condemns Kathua rape

Apr 18, 2018

India: "it is our duty to ensure that such a thing..

Protestant five-year plan for Chinese Christianity

Translated document outlines strategy for sinicization that will adapt religion to china's socialist society.


Draconian blasphemy laws seen as holding Indonesia back

Demand mounts to repeal regulations as fears grow that muslim-majority country could become a 'failed state'.


'Saint of the forest' offers new lease of life to Munda people

Italian priest has spent 15 years helping a bangladesh minority to escape poverty and child marriage.


Never too late to learn for Thai slum kids

After nearly half a century in klong toey, an american priest remains determined to give disadvantaged children an..


Caste plays vital role in southern Indian election

As karnataka heads to polls on may 12, congress party banks on populist schemes to help restore its former glory.


Indonesian nun a shining light for victims of violence

Sister yosephina raises awareness of hiv and takes on patriarchal society while restoring hope for battered women.


Migrants struggle to find jobs in Yangon's outskirts

Most struggle to land contract work despite a series of political and economic reforms having been instituted.