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Thais doubt election will herald change

Loyalty to former pm thaksin remains strong in isan but voters are wary of the junta's stacked deck.


A culture of fear and silence

Mar 20, 2019

Philippines: The philippines is trapped in..

Myanmar military panel to probe atrocities against Rohingya

Mar 20, 2019

Myanmar: But critics label move a sham..

Court bails Indian priest accused of molesting woman on bus

Mar 20, 2019

India: Msfs congregation says speedy..

Christchurch attack: 5 Indian victims identified

Mar 17, 2019

New Zealand: It also stated a dedicated page to expedite visa..

Popular Lenten play in Bangladesh beset by adversity

Priests praise folksy evangelization through art but troupe fears tradition will die unless parishes offer support.


Rohingya run schools in India for rejected kids

Govt schools turn away children of muslim refugees as hindu groups in kashmir demand they be deported to myanmar.


Death threats won't stop 'wounded healer' in Philippines

Former addict turned priest refuses to let intimidation prevent him helping drug users, victims of drug-related..


Bible broadcast helps Catholics in Jakarta grow in faith

Listeners say biblical messages and reflections help them through tough times.


Filipina migrant workers still 'top export'

Females comprise more than 60 percent of overseas workers from the philippines.


Sirisena ignores pleas to axe death penalty

Watchdogs hound sri lankan president to respect convicts' right to life, as applications for job of hangman flood in.


US priest aids Cambodia's deaf

Father charles dittmeier combats isolation and the myth that the deaf are mentally deficient.