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A blue fairy, a forgotten martyr and a weeping family

Bangladesh family of slain missionaries of charity nun wonder why the church has done so little to preserve her memory.


Tagle steps up to unite church in anti-Duterte march

Feb 23, 2018

Philippines: Church leaders denounce..

Government failures characterize human rights situation in Asia

Feb 23, 2018

Philippines: Amnesty international report..

Catholic Religious pledge to protect secularism

Feb 23, 2018

India: More than 60 men and women..

Kerala tribal youth beaten to death by lynch mob

Feb 23, 2018

India: The turn of event on thursday has elicited..

Unhappy Goans desert paradise lost

The indian state's culture of quick money and instant gratification is persuading many locals to seek fulfillment..


Indonesian cop vows to smash traffickers or die trying

Brigadier rudy soik won't let death threats or jail interrupt his mission to save young women's lives.


Hong Kong universities stifle free speech

Rights activists say unjustified self-censorship is preventing academics and students from speaking about independence.


Pakistani sugarcane farmers: Between a crop and a hard place

Small growers are setting their fields ablaze in protest as sugar mills conspire to lower sugarcane prices.


Rohingya refugees in India face deportation threat

Pro-hindu party claims persecuted minority is aiding the islamic militants in conflict-torn jammu and kashmir.


Nun's diary records Philippines' deadly war on drugs

Sister nenet dano's writings have become a key document in a class suit filed by families of victims.


Miracles multiply at Bangladesh's top Catholic shrine

Plans afoot to add basilica as st. anthony of padua in gazipur draws huge crowds each year.