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Bangkok detention takes its toll on Pakistani refugees

Catholic asylum seekers hit rock bottom at notorious immigration detention center.


Deal unlikely to improve religious freedom in China

Sep 25, 2018

China: Vatican lacks expertise in..

Bangladesh Church steps up protection of children

Sep 25, 2018

Bangladesh: Cardinal d'rozario says child..

Wanted: Canon law that holds clerics to account

Sep 25, 2018

India: Lack of action in response to..

Bishop sent to Kerala jail, bail hearing on Thursday

Sep 25, 2018

India: Judge m. lekshmi of pala judicial magisterial..

Indonesian priest ends water ordeal

Now village children can concentrate on school and their health has improved.


Former hostage priest continues work for peace in Mindanao

Father teresito soganub says he's making the most of his 'second life' a year after escaping terrorist gunmen in marawi...


The day the rain brought death to northern Philippine town

Days after landslide hit itogon mine bunkhouse, rescuers are still pulling bodies from the mud.


Man's best friend helps Vietnam's poor survive

Eating dog meat remains a popular tradition even though hanoi authorities oppose the 'uncivilized' practice.


China complicit in halting aid to Kachin in Myanmar

Catholic aid groups provide much-needed lifeline for ethnic group displaced by fighting near myanmar's border.


Caritas helps Sri Lankan war victims stand alone

Center started in 1999 provides amputees with artificial limbs and rehabilitation services.


Catholic schools dread Bangladesh's education policy

Legal enforcement could see some shuttered due to financial strain while threat of state meddling grows.