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In Myanmar displaced Kayin lose hope of heading home

Threat of land mines and further outbreaks of violence terrify villagers despite tentative peace accord among ethnic..


Asian church's turn in the abuse spotlight is here

Jun 20, 2018

Japan: The pope must do more — not..

China puts restrictions on bishop's funeral

Jun 20, 2018

China: Photographs banned and..

Yoga one of most powerful unifying forces: Modi

Jun 21, 2018

India: The prime minister said that..

Terror groups will be flushed out of J&K: Rajnath

Jun 20, 2018

India: He added that restoration of peace in the..

Marawi residents celebrate yet another Eid away from home

People from war-torn city tire of makeshift existence and yearn to return home.


Pakistani Christians in limbo after church closure

Community cry foul after parish blasted as affront to muslim faith but new land deeds outside village still not..


Marawi hostage steps up to help others recover

Jason's story has become a model for other survivors to confront their experiences.


American priest dismissed for sex abuse still in Bangladesh

Despite the vatican judging allegations against william christensen to be credible in 2010, he is still working with..


Building lives of young brick makers in Pakistan

Bonded labor in slave-like conditions continues to plague the country despite a prohibition.


Myanmar nuns help school kids of poor Buddhist villagers

Sisters of st. francis xavier play vital role in kayin state by running subsidized nursery and boarding house.


Philippine artist creates Christ image with guns, bullets

Environmental jesus christ shows man's destruction of mother nature, artist says.