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Caritas fights poverty in Bangladesh with vocational skills

Catholic-run projects help school dropouts, landless, poor and marginalized people find jobs amid soaring unemployment.


Letter from Rome

Aug 13, 2018

Vatican City: Pope seeks to bring the church..

Pakistan prelate boycotts Minorities Day, claims hypocrisy

Aug 13, 2018

Pakistan: Lahore archbishop says..

Two rape-accused Orthodox priests surrender

Aug 13, 2018

India: While varghese appeared before..

Rains lash Kerala, water rising in Idukki dam

Jul 31, 2018

India: All schools and colleges were closed in the..

Noose looms large for Sri Lankan drug dealers

Activists and religious leaders oppose the government's decision to hang persistent offenders.


Myanmar's Caritas delivers aid to flood victims

Church-run charity helping keep starvation at bay as farmers brace for next round of deluges after seeing crops drowned...


Papua pastor a ray of light for HIV patients

Protestant reverend helps victims forsaken by their families; battles stigma that disease is a 'curse from god'.


Pakistani Catholic on a sticky wicket in Bangkok

After being tortured by police and threatened with a gun in his homeland, an asylum seeker finds solace in cricket.


Ethnic Khasia Christians fight to keep land in Bangladesh

Indigenous community's dispute with a tea estate threatens their security and livelihoods.


Filipino journalists become targets of attack

Several independent reporters were hurt and some arrested during a police dispersal of protesting workers.


Even torture could not silence Chinese Catholics

Humiliation and jail were common for the faithful during the cultural revolution.