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Manila tour promotes closer Muslim-Christian ties

Organizers say 'muslim town' visits aim to take away wrong perceptions, explore beauty and diversity of philippine..


For what do they live and die for?

Jun 26, 2019

Philippines: Activists all too often pay a..

South Korean Mass for peace attracts 20,000 faithful

Jun 26, 2019

Korea: Bishops mark 69th war..

26,000 Anganwadi centres in MP face closure

Jun 26, 2019

India: anganwadis are child care..

US desires to build stronger ties with India: Pompeo tells Modi

Jun 26, 2019

India: Modi thanked pompeo for his warm greetings and..

Nuns bring hope to ethnic people in Vietnam

Disabled and other members of the van kieu minority gain craft and job skills.


Bangladeshi war heroines honored at last

Women raped by pakistani soldiers receive recognition for their decades of suffering.


A Catholic doctor's unselfish love for Papuans

Fransiskus sudanto treats dozens of patients almost for free each day despite having officially retired 16 years ago.


Climate change hurts poor Filipinos the most

Rising sea levels, drought are badly hitting those whose survival relies on the fruits of nature.


The 'biogas priest' from Indonesia's Ruteng Diocese

Father robertus pelita is fueling a renewable energy revolution among catholics in indonesia's east nusa tenggara..


Indian poverty linked to religion and caste

New report highlights how minorities do the most stigmatized and lowly paid work in hindu-majority india


Filipino designer uses art to campaign against plastic

It's a good way of evoking people's reactions to environmental problems.