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Macau, Taiwan watch and wait as Hong Kong unrest grows

Catholics have mixed feelings about whether protesters are right to take to the streets.


What's in a name

Aug 23, 2019

Philippines: A person's name is the..

Rohingya refugees reject 'unconditional return' to Myanmar

Aug 23, 2019

Bangladesh: Second repatriation attempt..

Indian priest, five nuns accused of defaming dismissed nun

Aug 23, 2019

India: Kerala nun who joined protest..

High alert in TN after intel report of LeT infiltration

Aug 23, 2019

India: The group comprises one pakistani national and..

Bangladeshi villagers face perils on Indian border

Killings continue as impoverished villagers turn to smuggling and illegal immigration.


An altar boy and a priest on leave become bishops

Pope francis has named eight filipinos as bishops of the catholic church this year.


Philippine church workers persevere despite death threats

Attacks on rights defenders, agents of the church in negros province are not new and are 'expected' prelate says.


Milk sold in India was actually 'white poison'

Sophisticated racket busted after products found laced with potentially fatal chemicals.


'Caged' Kashmiris ask: 'Where is the world?'

After india took away the northern state's autonomy, people are living under virtual house arrest.


Cashless church market a lifeline for poor Vietnamese

No money is needed for needy customers attending parish's charity market in ho chi minh city.


Tourism comes at a price for Bangladeshi indigenous people

Tripura people complain that their land has been grabbed illegally for a luxury hotel in chittagong hill tracts.