Indian Catholic News

Sri Lankan Catholics make Lent pilgrimages

They sing hymns, meditate and participate in way of the cross at st. anne's shrine and many other sacred places.


Absenting God

Apr 18, 2019

Philippines: A discourse on the antithesis..

Pope's Way of Cross will shine light on 'crucified' women

Apr 18, 2019

Vatican City: Even today we continue to..

Police charged over cash seized from Indian priest

Apr 18, 2019

India: Jalandhar diocese officials..

Kerala's IBS to provide IT support to Etihad Airways

Apr 17, 2019

India: The technology will allow more efficient aircraft..

Military veterans keep Pakistan churches safe during Easter

catholic brigadier runs veterans of pakistan network with muslim peers to safeguard scores of churches as bombers lurk...


Easter passes in celebrations and silence in Bangladesh

Mahalis pray that religious customs survive as lack of a public holiday makes students choose education over tradition.


Chrism Mass spurs Filipino priest not to break promise

For father raymond ambray, holy thursday ritual is a timely reminder of how important his commitment to christ really..


Marawi Catholics have nowhere to hold Holy Week rituals

Catholic families displaced by 2017 conflict voice frustration over inability to gather and celebrate easter rituals.


Rohingya children's school dreams hit stony ground

New order banning refugees from state schools in cox's bazar deprives them of an education, ramps up criminal risks.


Philippine villagers struggle with priest sex abuse shock

Parishioners of accused american priest say scandal came out of the blue.


Bangladesh's celebration of roots, culture and harmony

Religious and ethnic differences are put aside at bangla new year for peace and prosperity.