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Sons desired but often disappoint in Vietnam

Vietnam: Wish to have a son leads to many women aborting female fetuses.


Menstrual taboos, myths put Indian women's lives at risk

India: Agencies urge more dialogue, gov't programs to raise awareness of biological cycle as ignorance, segregation lead to..


Calls for reform over India's 'vanishing girls'

India: Social preference for male children has created a worsening situation of gender inequality.


India's female feticide not forgotten on 'Day of the Girl Child'

India: At least 12.7 million sex-selective abortions were conducted in india between 2000 and 2014.


South Asia: The value of girl child

India: This video examines the prejudices and harmful practices against girl children in south asia, and is urging for change.


Gender bias kills over 200,000 girls in India each year: Lancet

United Kingdom: The numbers which are particularly higher is in the northern states of uttar pradesh and bihar.


SC expresses concern over falling sex ratio, calls for reversing it

India: "we are constrained to say so, as some people are guided by exposure to internet," chief justice misra said in..