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Gujarat to observe tribal marty's day

Bihar government has decided to dedicate this day to Tribal martyrs of the state.


'Tribal Martyrs’ Day' was today observed in Gujarat for the first time in memory of five patriots from the state who were hanged by the British in 1868.

Gujarat government will observe April 16 as the 'Tribal Martyrs Day' every year in memory of five patriots from the state who were hanged by the British in 1868.

Chief minister Narinder Modi said the stories of the martyrs were buried in history which he recently unearthed.

"I have unfolded the chapter about the valour of these five forgotten leaders from tribal-dominated town of Jambughoda," he said Sunday after paying tributes to the martyrs in the Panchmahals district.

Joriya Parmeshwar, Rupsingh Nayak, Golaliya Nayak, Ravjida Nayak and Babariya Galama Nayal were sent to the gallows on April 16, 1868 by the Britishers in Jambughoda in the district.

"I had gone to this place to show repentance of the sins committed by the past governments, of erasing the memories of such mute martyrs," Modi said after paying his tributes.

He also announced that 'Van Mahotsav' in the memory of a local martyr Govinda Guru will be celebrated after two months.

He named a primary school at Vadek after one of the martyrs as 'Parmeshwar primary school' and 'Dandiyapara primary school' after Rupsinh Nayak.

"A memorial would be built in near future and a Tribal Martyrs Day will be observed every year in tribute to the martyrs," Modi said.

Source: outlookindia

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