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Hindu group warns Christian schools against celebrating Christmas

Hindu Jagran Manch claimed that in Christian schools Hindu students are being asked to bring toys, gifts and celebrate Christmas.


A Hindu group has warned Christian schools in Aligarh area of Uttar Pradesh state not to celebrate Christmas in schools alleging that such celebrations are aimed at converting majority Hindu students in these institutions.

Hindu Jagran Manch state secretary Sanju Bajaj said his organization will issue letters to all Christian schools to refrain from Christmas celebrations. "If the schools fail to follow our directives, we will stage protest outside the institutions,” the Times of India quoted him as saying.

Sonu Savita, local leader of the group, claimed Christian schools ask Hindu students to bring toys, gifts and celebrate the Christmas.

“This is the easy way to lure them to Christianity,” he said. The organization is also taking to parents and appealing them to oppose these celebrations, he said adding such activities influence Hindu students.

The Munch’s move has “shocked Christians in Aligarh,” said Advocate Osmand Charles in a statement.

"We are shocked and stunned after the incident in Satna where a priest was arrested and carol singing group was detained and their car was burnt. Now our boys are also hesitant to go for carol singing.”

Aligarh District Magistrate, Rishikesh Bhaskar Yashoda said that he is not aware of such warning being issued by the Manch.

He said, "We will not allow such kind of activities and take action against those who try to disrupt celebrations." He said that no group would be allowed to take law in its hands.

Source: Times of India

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