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Houses handed over to Nepal earthquake victims

Constructed at a cost of Rs. 300,000 each, the houses are built under the leadership of Caritas Nepal.

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Bangalore Cares for Nepal has handed over 60 permanent houses to the victims of 2015 Nepal earthquake. The houses are built in Tartung village in Dwalaka district, which was the epicentre of the 7.8 scale earthquake that killed about 10,000 people.

Bangalore Cares for Nepal is an initiative under the leadership of Claretian Fr George Kannanthanam, a social worker. Various non-governmental organisations, corporate houses, funding agencies and generous individuals are part of it.

Constructed at a cost of Rs. 300,000 each, the houses are built under the leadership of Caritas Nepal. Thirty were built with the support of Proclade, a Claretian agency based in Spain, and thirty houses were supported by AIFO, an Italian agency based in Bangalore.

The earthquake resistant houses were constructed as per the ‘owner driven method’. With the grant amount, beneficiaries constructed their own houses in their own land. The whole village worked together for each house. Some of the community members were given training in masonry. Stones from the old houses and the wood from the forest were used to build the houses.

Fr George of Bangalore Cares for Nepal along with Fr Antony of ECHO and Mr M V Jose from AIFO initiated various activities to help the victims since the April 25 earthquake.

Reaching Kathmandu a day after the earthquake, Fr George along with Mr Sibu George, distributed Shelter Boxes to 100 families in remote villages. Tarpaulins were provided to 2750 families. With the help of about ten youth volunteers from different parts of South India, Bangalore Cares for Nepal could distribute relief materials to about 20,000 people.

Temporary shelters with tin roofs were made for about 450 families within a month of the earthquake at the cost of Rs. 10,000 each. Out of this fifty houses were made for the leprosy affected families in Budaneelakanta colony in the outskirts of Kathmandu. A community hall was built in Madhurapatty VDC.

Bangalore Cares for Nepal provided uniforms, books and bags to more than 1000 students affected by the earthquake. A school building, library and computer lab was built at Shree Janakalyan Secondary School in the Kavre District with the support of Proclade in 2017.

In order to help the students who had stopped their higher education, about 30 of them were admitted to ECHO College for Hotel Management in Bangalore. Many of them have completed their one year diploma program and are already working in various reputed hotels in India, Nepal and other countries.

According to Mr Yuvaraj Bhusal, Chief Executive Officer of the Nepal Reconstruction Authority, out of the 750,000 houses that were destroyed in the earthquake, 115,000 houses have been reconstructed so far. He also said that the financial support for building all the houses has been given by World Bank and other countries.

About 20,000 houses are built by the NGOs in Nepal. Caritas Nepal is building 4825 houses, with the support of Caritas from about 20 countries. Various Christian agencies are actively involved in the relief and rehabilitation work in Nepal.


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