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Impunity blamed for Bangladesh child rape surge

Bangladesh: After 41 children are raped in a week, rights groups urge government to tackle 'moral degradation'.


Religious minorities in India 'attacked with impunity'

India: Reports by rights groups show victims are often blamed as bjp moves to create hindu-only nation.


Time to end Sri Lanka's culture of impunity

Sri Lanka: The country has adequate laws to protect its citizens from hate speech and hate crimes, but they must be enforced.


Bangladesh criticized for impunity over blogger murders

Bangladesh: Country among world's worst at protecting journalists, rights groups say.


Church robbed; Christians see proof of impunity

India: Police inactivity encourages further crimes, bishop declares.


Twenty-five years of violating Indian nuns with impunity

India: If the church is serious about fighting rape, a change of attitude is necessary.


Ending the impunity that fuels child sexual abuse

Philippines: Filipino children need better advocates and a stronger legal system in pursuit of justice.