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Tourism comes at a price for Bangladeshi indigenous people

Bangladesh: Tripura people complain that their land has been grabbed illegally for a luxury hotel in chittagong hill tracts.


South Asian indigenous people assert rights, cultural identity

India: Problems faced by world's indigenous peoples include migration, displacement and state negligence, un representative..


Ostracism a daily reality for indigenous people in Bangladesh

Bangladesh: Apartheid-like conditions endured by minority groups in the south asian nation.


Arsonists destroy homes of indigenous people in Bangladesh

Bangladesh: Awami league politician accused of leading attack after long-running land dispute.


Mining cuts off indigenous peoples water supply

India: Indigenous peoples in a rural indian region suffer long-term drought as their water source is diverted by a mining..


Indigenous people defy Indian state to open bank

India: As well as saving money for worthwhile purposes, supporters say the new bank will help protect indigenous resources.


Jharkhand tribals join to fight for religion

India: Church leaders support demand for recognition of sarna animist religions as 10,000 march through jharkhand state.