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Institute of the Maids of the Poor gets new leader

The new chief said that she wants to bring to actualization ‘Mission Cum Gentes’ (mission with people).


The Institute of the Maids of the Poor (IMP) has elected Lily Fernandes as its new head.

Fernandes (61) was elected to the post of Directress General during the 8th general assembly of the Secular Institute yesterday in Lucknow.

She said that her immediate priority is to impart the spirit of the general assembly of the institute by accompanying every member.

She said that she wants to bring to actualization ‘Mission Cum Gentes’ (mission with people).

Born in Mangalore, Karnataka, in 1951, she has lived in North India since 1967.

She obtained a post graduate degree in Education and diploma in nursing and served in the government hospitals of Uttar Pradesh for several years.

She studied Theology in Rome and did a diploma in Integrative Counseling in St. Anselm’s Institute for Councelling at Kent, U.K.

She has worked as a secretary of Uttar Pradesh Regional Youth and Vocation Bureau for 6 years.

For the last 6 years, she has been working as a programme coordinator, professor and resident counselor in National Vocation Service Centre (NVSC), Pune.

The assembly also elected its general councillors.

Thirty members from India, Ethiopia and Italy had gathered to evaluate the past, plan for the future and to elect a new directress general during the assembly that began on Nov. 12.

The assembly was based on the theme “Journey Towards Wholeness.”

Alice Joseph, Isabella Pinto, Chinnamma Scaria, Lissy Kurien and Meskel kelta were appointed to the post.

This was the first election after the institute was raised as a Pontifical Institute on Oct. 4, 2007.

The Institute was founded in 1951.

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