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Government failures characterize human rights situation in Asia

Amnesty international report cites growing movements of human rights activists.


A blue fairy, a forgotten martyr and a weeping family

Feb 23, 2018

Bangladesh: Bangladesh family of slain..

Tagle steps up to unite church in anti-Duterte march

Feb 23, 2018

Philippines: Church leaders denounce..

Catholic Religious pledge to protect secularism

Feb 23, 2018

India: More than 60 men and women..

Kerala tribal youth beaten to death by lynch mob

Feb 23, 2018

India: The turn of event on thursday has elicited..

Filipino Catholics protest ahead of revolution anniversary

Police remove hunger striking priests, nuns from 1986 'people power' memorial.


Indonesian hard-line cleric ducks facing porn charges again

Islamic defenders front leader muhammad rizieq shihab fails to return home for a fifth time.


Stop bulldozing abandoned Rohingya villages, HRW urges Myanmar

"bulldozing these areas threatens to erase both the memory and the legal claims of the rohingya who lived..


Religious freedom takes another hit in China

Fears grow of a clampdown in henan province after christians are banned from displaying couplets during chinese new..


Maid's death reignites anti-trafficking calls in Indonesia

Adelina jemira sau became the ninth migrant worker from east nusa tenggara province to have died this year.


Peace deal after Pakistani Christians flee blasphemy mob

Tensions boil over after a christian teenager was accused of posting a blasphemous photo on social media.


Bangladeshi activists decry surge in rape and impunity

Patriarchal society, lengthy trials and intrusive questioning mean many cases of sexual violence never reach court.