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Vietnam church to acknowledge victims of discrimination

Bishops ask dioceses to celebrate special masses and visit oppressed in their communities.


'Caged' Kashmiris ask: 'Where is the world?'

Aug 21, 2019

India: After india took away the..

Ancient science will not convince modern minds and hearts

Aug 20, 2019

India: We are in a church still led..

Pilgrims walking to Velankanni attacked in Tamil Nadu

Aug 21, 2019

India: Hard-line hindu group blamed..

Ghats inundated, Varanasi lanes turn into cremation grounds

Aug 20, 2019

India: Wooden logs kept for cremations could be seen..

Security still tight at Philippine church despite low threat level

Soldiers remain on guard at marian shrine a week after alert staus returns to normal to reassure public, military says.


Priest dies at ordination of youngest Filipino bishop

Father albert trazo suffers heart attack as jose rapadas of iligan diocese joins philippines' college of bishops.


Rohingya refugees skeptical over fresh repatriation plan

Muslims who fled from myanmar to bangladesh after military crackdown want assurances about their security.


Philippine Church, activists hold national 'day of mourning'

Catholics march in protest against a wave of killings that has gripped the country in recent times.


Indonesian Muslim cleric under fire for 'insulting' Cross

Christian's cry blasphemy after ustadz abdul somad calls crucifix an 'element of the devil'.


West Papua protesters set fire to parliament

Protests against arrests of dozens of students by indonesian police turn violent.


Pro-democracy protesters rally peacefully in Hong Kong

Salesian priest tells catholics to show restraint to avoid a repeat of the tiananmen square massacre.