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Report claims Myanmar military planned Rohingya genocide

Mass killings, rape and arson happened before august 2017 clampdown on militants, says fortify rights.


Pakistani Catholics hiding in Bangkok's shadows

Jul 19, 2018

Thailand: After fleeing religious..

Act on clergy abuse cases or face a Tsunami

Jul 18, 2018

India: Threat of backlash maintains..

All Missionaries of Charity homes to be inspected

Jul 19, 2018

India: Ministry's order follows..

Priest from Punjab arrested in Delhi after rape complaint

Jul 19, 2018

India: Singh is the pastor of a church in punjab's..

Manila prelate bemoans failure to protect murder victims

I have not been a good shepherd to my flock, bishop pablo virgilio david tells gathering after victim's widow is gunned..


Legislators approve law for new Philippine Muslim region

Final version provides bigger regional govt, parliament, fiscal autonomy, and a justice system.


Timorese Catholics pray for end to leadership crisis

Nine-day devotion to the divine mercy aims to break impasse over naming rest of timor-leste's cabinet.


Cardinal Tagle reminds priests, nuns to live with poor

Manila prelate tells participants at annual new evangelization gathering not to be complacent in their faith.


Filipino workers join church's fast against rights abuses

Unions, church accuse duterte of reneging on promises made to workers during election campaign.


Displaced Mindanao tribe faces acute water shortage

More than 1,500 people crammed into gymnasium after fleeing philippine military fear sanitation-related diseases.


Rights group questions legitimacy of Pakistan election

Commission says pml-n politicians are being pressured to switch loyalties in a crackdown on former pm's party.