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Vietnamese nuns fight for their land

Plot in hanoi was illegally sold by officials to a woman now trying to build a house on it, they claim.


Fears over Chinese 'sharp power'

May 25, 2019

Taiwan: Taiwan conference discusses..

Jakarta riots another page in long history of hard-line Muslim ambition

May 25, 2019

Indonesia: Post-election violence..

Unease among India's minorities as Modi wins election

May 25, 2019

India: his pro-hindu stance secured..

Faith is over, filth remains in Prayagraj

May 21, 2019

India: Journalists, in general, are barred from visiting..

Papuan Catholic teenager killed in police shooting

Death occurred while mob was attacking a police station, priest says.


Holy See reduces fraud risk

Vatican watchdog welcomes improvements, but some international agenceis point to slow judicial follow-ups.


Myanmar monk stresses harmony to combat hate

Ashin seindita says extremism preached by some monks is sowing the seeds of violent religious hatred.


Bishop joins call for probe into Filipino migrant's death

Maid's violent end in kuwait could see reimposition of worker ban to gulf state.


Hong Kong Catholics mark Tiananmen anniversary

An new exhibition shows how catholics mourned massacred pro-democracy protesters in beijing's tiananmen square in 1989.


Religious tourism pact signed in Timor-Leste

Various faiths unite to develop holy venues to lure foreigners, from the home of a finger of st. anthony to sites of..


Missionaries told to 'go deeper' into Cambodian culture

Day of rememberance honors all those who suffered and died at the hands of the khmer rouge.