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ICC team visits Bangladesh over Rohingya atrocities

Second team is probing the murder and displacement of muslims in neighboring myanmar.


Victims of Indian riots limp back to normalcy

Jul 17, 2019

India: Even 11 years later, hundreds..

Painting murals for a better future

Jul 18, 2019

Indonesia: An indonesian village is using..

Kerala priest and nun face murder trial

Jul 18, 2019

India: Sister abhaya was allegedly..

GSLV rocket glitch rectified, Chandrayaan-2 may launch next week

Jul 17, 2019

India: The rocket gslv-mk iii was supposed to lift off at..

Cardinal presents medal to nun for lifetime's teaching in Pakistan

Sister berchmans conway described as 'a constant inspiration to many generations of teachers and students'.


Religious reporting hotline launches in China

Church members in xingtai worry about a return of cultural revolution-style repression.


Philippine church groups set to join anti-Duterte protests

Marches against president's policies are set to coincide with his state of the nation address.


Papuan bishop slams education chief over teacher recall

Thousands of indonesian children set to lose out after state-paid teachers pulled from church, privately run schools.


Duterte passes sexual harassment law

Philippine bishops want duterte punished under new law banning misogynistic, transphobic, homophobic or sexist slurs.


Bombed cathedral in Philippines reopens

A charity helped repair damage from twin explosions linked to islamic state that claimed 20 lives.


Thousands homeless as Bangladesh reels from fatal floods

Roads impassable, electricity cut off, phone networks down and food prices soar in the wake of monsoon that killed 20.