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Philippine churches urged to spur peace efforts with rebels

Archbishop antonio ledesma rejects govt proposal to hold local peace negotiations.


Even at 88, a Sri Lankan priest won't be silenced

Sep 16, 2019

Sri Lanka: Frail and hard of hearing,..

Letter from Rome: Why Pope Francis is not afraid of schism

Sep 16, 2019

Vatican City: One reason a formal schism is..

PM Modi marks birthday releasing butterflies, amid nature

Sep 17, 2019

India: Modi, who arrived in gujarat..

Kashmir's new timetable for shopping

Sep 13, 2019

India: The government says there are no restrictions in..

Church builds homes for migrants in Papua New Guinea

Project aims to move workers from disease-ridden squatter camps in east new britain provincial capital kokopo.


Timor-Leste's first archbishop aims to unite faithful

Archbishop da silva thanks pope francis for his trust in the local church.


Religions reject bid to weaken Indonesian anti-graft body

Interfaith leaders join opposition against parliamentary bid to amend laws on how corruption eradication commission is..


Bangladesh Church to open hospital for poor

It will be the first church-run hospital in dhaka since the 1971 bangladesh liberation war.


Vatican-China bishops' deal 'bearing fruit'

Media positive about ordination of two bishops but details of provisional agreement remain sketchy.


Philippine tribal women seek church help against dam project

Huge scheme on kaliwa river will displace at least 15,000 people, they say.


Filipino Catholics brave rain to celebrate Mary's birthday

Philippines marks first national working holiday in honor of the blessed mother.