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Philippines extends military rule in Mindanao for one year

Opponents say move is needless, accuse duterte of plotting to declare martial law nationwide.


Rahul Gandhi challenged over his mother's Catholicism

Dec 13, 2017

India: Political trouble-makers have..

Modi under challenge in India's crucial Gujarat state

Dec 13, 2017

India: Prime minister's decisions to..

Ockhi cyclone: number of missing spirals to 600 in India

Dec 13, 2017

India: Catholic fishing communities..

PM has helped me the most, don't hate him: Rahul Gandhi

Dec 13, 2017

India: "modiji has helped me the most... how can i..

Protestant pastor in Indonesia hit with blasphemy charge

Reverend abraham ben moses becomes first christian cleric to fall foul of controversial law.


Police prevent Catholics in Vietnam from attending Mass

Mass was to be celebrated by outspoken critic of ruling communist government.


Another Christian prisoner dies in Lahore jail

More than 40 christians are on trial over the lynching of two muslims suspected of having links to 2015 church bombings...


Thousands in Kachin suffering under blockade

Sections of the northern myanmar state have been cut-off by the military who are targeting rebel fighters.


Create International Diwali Day at UN: Kazakh diplomat

It would be "immortalising" diwali, which reflects the ideas of the un in good overcoming evil, umaraov said.


Human rights situation improves: UN chief

The universal declaration of human rights was adopted by the un general assembly on december 10, 1948, a date later..


Huge crowd of mourners bid farewell to slain priest

Papal nuncio archbishop gabriele giordano caccia attended the mass to pay his respects to father marcelito paez.