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Kandhamal's 'Incredible Witness' at Indore Bible convention

The book chronicling the faith saga of Kandhamal is the updated and revised edition of journalist Anto Akkara’s 'Early Christians of 21st Century', translated into Hindi by Fr Anand, IMS


Archbishop Leo Cornelius of Bhopal along with Bishop Chacko Thottumarickal of Indore released 'Kandhamal ke Aviswasaneey Sakshy' (Kandhamal's Incredible Witness) to mark 10years of Kandhamal at the Indore Bible convention in central Madhya Pradesh state on Nov 5.

“In 2008, nearly 100 Christians embraced martyrdom in Kandhamal. With bold research, journalist Anto Akkara has brought to light how it happened, why it happened and why seven innocent Christians are still in jail. This book was first brought out in in English and now in Hindi,” said host Bishop Thottumarickal introducing the author and the book.

The book chronicling the faith saga of Kandhamal, is the updated and revised edition of Akkara’s 'Early Christians of 21st Century', translated into Hindi by Fr Anand, IMS.

Bishop Thottumarickal congratulated the author for taking “painstaking effort” to present the truth about Kandhamal before the nation. “When a lot of fake news is being spread in the country, it is essential to put the reality and the truth before the public,” added.

“This book now published in Hindi will certainly help spread the message of Kandhamal in Hindi speaking north-north,” remarked Archbishop Cornelius.

“The amazing witness of Kandhamal Christians is inspiring and encouraging. The simple Christians of Kandhamal stood firm in their faith when they were asked to forsake. Dozens embraced martyrdom proving their readiness to die for Christ. They have set a great example for fellow Christians,” pointed out Archbishop of Bhopal who heads the Catholic church in Madhya Pradesh .

Akkara, the journalist author while making a multi-media presentation on the incredible witness of Kandhamal Christians said Christians in Kandhamal “produced the finest witness to Christ in two thousand years of Christianity in India.”

Following the pre-planned killing of 81-year old Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati on Janmashtami night, Akkara said the Sangh Parivar promptly declared that “Christianity was banned in Kandhamal and Christians were told to embrace Hinduism. Those who refused were burnt alive, buried alive, chopped into pieces.... As a result nearly 100 embraced martyrdom while 300 churches and 6,000 houses were plundered and torched, leaving 56,000 homeless. Thousands could not set foot in their villages for years as they did not want to undergo 'ghar wapsi' (reconversion),” he said.

Akkara said the Christian community in India has a duty ‘to speak for the voiceless’ by praying and signing the online petition at the website www.release7innocents.comthe author has launched for 7 innocent Christians of Kandhamal languishing in jail for a decade.

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