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Ethnic Khasia Christians fight to keep land in Bangladesh

Bangladesh: Indigenous community's dispute with a tea estate threatens their security and livelihoods.


Thousands protest harassment of Christians in India

India: Protesters form 20-kilometer human chain to fight for their rights in jharkhand state.


Jharkhand's move to weaken land rights meets opposition

India: Amendment allows state government alter federal law that protects the rights of farmers and indigenous people.


Church calls for Jharkhand CM's ouster

India: Bishop theodore mascarenhas said he was compelled to write to modi as he was disturbed over the politics of hate..


Jharkhand tribal people claim land rights victory

India: Catholics hail the win as significant to 'safeguard human rights' as jharkhand state governor returns amendments to land..


Tribal bishops seek Indian president's intervention

India: They fear india's indigenous peoples could end up landless like those in the us, canada, australia and new zealand.


Typhoon Haiyan survivors demand land rights

Philippines: Philippine govt criticized for using much needed funds for housing on less vital projects instead.