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Letter from Rome

From his stance on migrants to his encyclical Laudato si', Pope Francis causes controversy.

By Robert Mickens

Pope Francis is an equal opportunity offender.

No matter where you place yourself along the Catholic Church's broad spectrum — right, left or center; conservative or liberal; traditional or progressive — if you are not challenged and even disturbed by some of the things this pope says and does, then you are not paying attention.

And that includes any of you who may consider yourselves "Pope Francis groupies" or "my-pope-right-or-wrong" Catholics. If he is not getting just a little bit under your skin, then you are not listening either.

Despite what some of his more traditionalist critics claim, Francis is not politically correct. He is, in fact, quite outspoken. He is prophetic.

That is because he is, without a doubt, one of the most radically evangelical popes the Church has ever seen. And his radical reading of the Gospel, like that of his sainted namesake from Assisi more than 800 year ago, calls into question and serves as a critique to all ideologies, lifestyles and ways of thinking.

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