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The real and sinful truth behind Archbishop Vigano's claim that Pope Francis ignored sex abuse

In an 11-page letter, Carlo Maria Vigano states that Pope Francis was aware in 2013 of the actions of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, sanctioned last July by the Vatican. (Photo by Emanuela De Meo/CPM/CIRIC)
By Robert Mickens

So much has already been written about the extremely serious allegations that Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano made last month in his so-called "testimony" in which the former papal nuncio calls on Pope Francis to resign for supposedly refusing to discipline Theodore McCarrick after being informed (again, supposedly) that the ex-cardinal routinely sexually abused adult seminarians and young priests.

After the initial allegations against the pope, Vigano then unleashes a tirade of unsubstantiated innuendos implicating a number of high-ranking Vatican officials and other prelates in the United States as being part of a "homosexual current in favor of subverting Catholic doctrine on homosexuality."

The bulk of the commentary we've seen so far regarding the former nuncio to Washington, his explosive document and the insinuations it contains (including those he continues to make through certain anti-Francis "Catholic" media) is likely just a tiny fraction of what will eventually be produced over the next weeks, months and years.

Understandably, most writers (and many Catholics) sincerely want to know what, if anything, is actually true in the Italian archbishop's 11-page document. But others, especially those who are known to be fierce critics of Pope Francis and his program of ecclesial reform, have used Vigano and his explosive charges as just the latest in a series of incidents to try to sow more confusion among members of the church.

This is not surprising. The anti-Francis movement over the past few years has become adroit at peddling rumors, half-truths and even outright lies in an exerted effort to create doubts about and erode trust in the current Bishop of Rome.

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