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Letter from Rome

In an overlooked address, the Jesuit pope offers a renewed theology for our turbulent times.

By Robert Mickens

"Among all the world's political and social leaders, Pope Francis stands increasingly alone as the most powerful force for global peace and stability."

Thus began the prelude to an earlier article titled "Pope Francis or Steve Bannon? Catholics must choose."

In part, the piece tried to show how the pope is seeking to unite all of humanity — especially people of the various faiths — in contrast to those who are deliberately manipulating religion to sow division.

"In an age when alt-right populists are masquerading as Christians and using religious symbols to scare believers into embracing racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia and ultranationalism — all so starkly at odds with the Gospel, by the way — Francis has played an indispensable role in preventing a dangerous spiral into a full-blown clash of civilizations …"

Another pope may not have had the courage, fortitude or deep and genuine faith to stand against all this and not allow himself to be co-opted to the Christian sovereigntists' cause."

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