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Mumbai Christians organise walk for peace

The practice is to spread the word of peace and harmony among citizens of Mumbai.


A peace rally organised by the Marian Seva Sangh (MSS) in south Mumbai on the eve of Palm Sunday saw a massive participation of Catholics.

Even though the peace rally is being organised for the last 28 years, quite astonishingly, most Mumbaikars have no inkling of it.

"We hold this rally annually during the lent period. It is not only for the peace of Christians but peace among all Mumbaikars. So you will see even non-Christians participating. It's peaceful and done silently," said MSS committee member Larson Fernandes.

He added that the practice was started by Frances Fernandes, to spread the word of peace and harmony among citizens of Mumbai.

The walking pilgrimage starts at 10pm, followed by services at Cross Maidan, where a priest hoists a flag and says prayers. After that, people start walking through various stations. The first station is Metro, second is the hospital just opposite the Marine Lines railway station, the third is Hajiali, the fourth is the Salvation Church, the fifth is Victorias, sixth is St Michaels Church, seventh is Carmel Church and eighth and the last station is Mount Carmel church.

People sing songs of praise and prayers all the way. After reaching last station St Carmel church, the holy Eucharist takes place in the church (mass) and the final blessings are given.

Agnelo Fernandes, president of the Maharashtra Christian Youth Forum, said, "People chant prayers and hymns. Not only young, but older people also participate in the walk of peace. A lot of people help us in organising water, mobile toilets and ambulances. After a night long walk, we then go for the morning Mass. This year at 10.30pm, we started walking after Bishop Dimnic Savio Fernandes, who hoisted the flag. The morning Mass was held by Bishop Bosco Penha."

Judith Monterio, a participant, said, "Lent is a period of sacrifice as an offering to Jesus, for what he did for us. People remember their near and dear ones, pray in order to get their wishes fulfilled and remember the long gone loved ones."

Source: DNA

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