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Parañaque marks 390 years of Marian devotion

Fr. Rolando R. Agustín, said everyone is called to be blessed just like Mary by always listening to and living out the Gospel.


Catholics from the Diocese of Parañaque and from other places celebrated on Aug. 10 the feast of the enthronement of Nuestra Señoradel Buen Suceso (Our Lady of the Good Event).

The miraculous image of Mother Mary discovered by an Augustinian monk at a native’s home was enthroned 390 years ago at the Cathedral Parish of St. Andrew in La Huerta, Parañaque.

Fr. Rolando R. Agustín, rector of the Cathedral Parish of St. Andrew, said everyone is called to be blessed just like Mary by always listening to and living out the Gospel.

“We venerate the Blessed Virgin under various titles. There is Perpetual Help, Fátima, Lourdes, and of course, our very own Buen Suceso. Mary has been given many titles because generations of the faithful have had different experiences of her. But she is the same Mother of God, the Mother of the Church, and the Mother of us all,” the priest said.

According to Fr. Manuel P. Duetao, in his book “Marian Feasts,” which referenced records of Nicolas de San Pedro, the image of of Nuestra Señora del Buen Suceso was discovered by Fray Juan de Guevarra, OSA in 1625 in the house of Catig, a native of Don Galo in what was then Palanyag (now Parañaque).

Enthralled by what he saw, the Augustinian offered Catig 24 pesetas for the image, adding he would have Masses said for his intentions after he died.

He agreed, but it meant Fray Juan de Guevarra had to wait for quite some time before he could finally get hold of Buen Suceso.

Inside the cell of the Augustinian, the image would give off light, especially at night, prompting the friar to report the strange happenings to his superior, who soon confirmed the truth of the Fray Juan’s extraordinary experience.

On 10 August 1625, Nuestra Señoradel Buen Suceso was borne in procession from the friar’s cell to the main altar of St. Andrew’s Church for everyone to venerate.

Next to Ermita’s Nuestra Señora de Guía, Parañaque’s Buen Suceso is perhaps the oldest Marian statue in the country.

Source: CBCP News

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