Pastor arrested accused of rape in Patna

The Indian Mission Church issued no statement on the arrest but some women have protested.

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Police in Patna said they have arrested a pastor of Indian Mission Church on charges of raping a Christian woman after inviting her for special prayers to cure her mental illness.

Pastor Chandrama Raj was arrested Oct. 22 at Alamganj from Gurhatta, after two women complained to Mahila Police station on September 23, police said.

“Statements of both women were recorded in the presence of a judicial magistrate. But the FIR (complaint) was lodged by one of them,” Patna SSP Manu Maharaj told The Indian Express.

He said the pastor was arrested after preliminary inquiry and was sent to judicial custody.

The complaint said the pastor would make claims of exorcism and conducted special prayers at his home, where he reportedly raped the woman who suffers from some mental illness.

The pastor’s church has not officially made any statement on the arrest but some women from the Church visited the police station and lodged protest against the registering the complaint.

The woman police station in-charge, Vibha Kumari, said: “We followed the due process before the arrest. We also interrogated the pastor at the police station before he was sent to judicial custody. We will question more people as well”.

Source: Indian Express

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