Indian Catholic News

Pastors arrested during bid to 'rescue' tribal students

Philippines: They deny police charges of kidnapping and human trafficking.


BJP fields former pastors for Mizoram election

India: Majority of mizoram's population are christians, resulting in the bjp having a minimal presence.


Christian churches destroyed, pastors detained in Myanmar

Myanmar: United wa state army launches clampdown against 'religious extremists' in shan state.


Over 200 Filipino priests, pastors apply for gun permits

Philippines: Most however submitted applications before the recent murdres of three catholic priests.


Military grip on Myanmar clear as two pastors jailed

Myanmar: They've been imprisoned for a combined sentence of over six years for talking to journalists in conflict-riven kachin..


Pastors 'falsely charged' granted bail in northern India

India: Neo-christian church workers say they were 'framed' by hindu fundamentalists.


Mysterious disappearances of pastors, activists in Malaysia

Malaysia: Boldness of abductions and silence from police sparks speculation of state involvement.