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Rohingya refugees skeptical over fresh repatriation plan

Bangladesh: Muslims who fled from myanmar to bangladesh after military crackdown want assurances about their security.


Bangladeshis grapple with fallout of Rohingya influx

Bangladesh: As local people face falling wages and increasing prices, sympathy is fading for muslim refugees.


Cardinals of Yangon and Manila visit refugees in Bangladesh

Bangladesh: Dignitaries spend two days deepening their knowledge of the humanitarian crisis on behalf of caritas internationalis.


Citizenship still the stumbling block for Rohingya repatriation

Myanmar: Talks resume on behalf of thousands stranded in bangladesh but myanmar officials won’t offer any guarantees.


Myanmar 'ill-prepared' to repatriate thousands of Rohingya

Myanmar: Hopes dwindle as report shows little progress in preparing camps for return of refugees.


ICC team visits Bangladesh over Rohingya atrocities

Bangladesh: Second team is probing the murder and displacement of muslims in neighboring myanmar.


Refugee relocation sparks protests from Jakarta residents

Indonesia: Indonesian community expresses outrage after 1,500 people are rehoused in their midst without warning.