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Bangladesh grapples with millions of climate refugees

Bangladesh: Pm hasina tells conference that the low-lying country faces an increased risk of natural disasters.


Deported to a place they never considered home

Cambodia: Hundreds of cambodian refugees who grew up in the us have been sent back, often for the most minor offenses.


Bangkok detention takes its toll on Pakistani refugees

Thailand: Catholic asylum seekers hit rock bottom at notorious immigration detention center.


Sympathy fading in Bangladesh for Rohingya refugees

Bangladesh: Local muslims struggling to survive and growing to resent the 'favoritism' shown to persecuted ethnic group.


Mass graves report angers Rohingya refugees

Myanmar: After news agency details the discovery of 400 bodies, displaced people say they witnessed atrocities by myanmar..


Indian bishop asks govt to protect Rohingya refugees

India: Hindu groups fear presence of the rohingya could exacerbate internal violence in the muslim-majority jammy and kashmir..


Philippine church looks to erase stigma for 600 refugees

Philippines: Leading clerics launch local efforts to aid migrants as part of vatican's share the journey initiative.