Rohingya deal sparks optimism, gloom and anger

India: Refugees living in bangladesh camps want a guarantee of safety and myanmar citizenship before repatriation.


Child friendly spaces offer young Rohingya refugees hope

Bangladesh: Centers offer education, counseling and entertainment for thousands of traumatized kids.


646,000 Rohingya refugees currently in Bangladesh: UN

Bangladesh: The latest data raises the estimated number of arrivals to 20,000 compared to figures released two days earlier, reports..


Rohingya refugees hopeful the pope will keep his promise

Bangladesh: 'we expect pope francis will be able to bring an end to the plight of the rohingya and help us get back home'.


Rohingya skeptical about repatriation deal

Myanmar: Myanmar and bangladesh agree to their return, but the refugees want international monitors to oversee the process.


Myanmar reaps the benefit of abandoned Rohingya land

Bangladesh: Forced to flee for their lives, refugee farmers are furious that the authorities are harvesting their crops.


Little sympathy for Rohingya in main-street Myanmar

Myanmar: Anti-muslim buddhist monks have helped fuel rampant racism and are now reaping dividends.