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Pakistani Catholic refugees in Thailand plead for Vatican help

Thailand: Catholic refugees caught up in thai immigration crackdown hope pope francis can do what he did for syrian refugees.


Fear and foreboding in Bangkok

Thailand: Renewed thai crackdown has made an already desperate situation for pakistani christian asylum seekers much worse.


SC refuses to stop deportation of 7 Rohingyas

India: The rohingyas are a minority muslim community from the rakhine state in myanmar.


No community more discriminated against than Rohingya: UN chief

India: In december last year, india and myanmar signed a memorandum of understanding (mou) to develop rakhine state.


Creation of UN body on Myanmar atrocities 'important step'

Myanmar: Un initiative seen as a blow to myanmar's deep-seated culture of impunity.


Ethnic army kicks out priest, nuns from remote Myanmar region

Myanmar: Expulsion comes after united wa state army destroys unauthorized churches, detains pastors.


Bangkok detention takes its toll on Pakistani refugees

Thailand: Catholic asylum seekers hit rock bottom at notorious immigration detention center.