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Sacked nun asked to apologise for false accusations

The congregation wanted her to withdraw the police case she has filed.


A religious congregation in Kerala that recently sacked a nun has now threatened her with legal action if she fails to apologisefor 'falsely" accusing her superiors of locking her up in the convent.

The Franciscan Clarist Congregation (FCC) served a notice on Friday asking Sister Lucy Kalappura to withdraw the police case she had filed against a priest who allegedly resorted to character assassination through a video uploaded on a social media site on August 19.

The nun had also complained to police of superiors locking her up in the convent.

It also asked her to withdraw the police case she has filed against other members of the diocese over being locked up.

The nun says action against her started after she supported five other nun who wanted justice for a nun allegedly raped by Bishop Franco Mulakkal Jalandhar.

But the congregation’s document shows she has been defiantly disobeying her superiors for more than five years and have been corrected and warned several times in the past. However, she continued her action in violation of her vows, which resulted in the dismissal.

The nun said she will not apologize or withdraw the police complaint.

“But I will never apologise since I never made up anything or lied to anyone,” the nun told The Telegraph over the phone from her convent in Wayanad.

She had on Wednesday filed a police complaint against Father Noble Thomas, a member of the Mananthavady Diocese in Wayanad.

“The (show cause) notice tried to justify the act of Father Noble by saying the convent gave him the security camera footage as he is the PRO (of the diocese),” Sister Lucy said

The church had on August 5 dismissed Sister Lucy and “freed (her) from her religious profession and obligations and separated her from her Religious Congregation”.

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