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Seminary rector creates musical on Francis Assisi

A student of New York Film Academy, Fr Gomes has made five short documentaries on social issues.


A Catholic priest from Goa has created a musical show to familiarize Christians with life and philosophy of St Francis of Assisi.

The play 'Peace Warrior' by Father Agnelo Gomes was first staged on the annual day of Pilar Niketan, a city-based seminary, on November 30. Gomes is rector of Pilar Niketan.
The acceptance of the show has made them stage two more shows at St Charles Centenary Auditorium, Seminary Hills, on December 22, "which will be open to public," says the rector.

A student of New York Film Academy, Gomes has made five short documentaries on social issues.

"It is customary to have some cultural events on our annual day. This year, I decided to put up this show as our Pope Francis is a follower of this saint," says Gomes explaining the purpose behind the play that has been written and directed by him.

"St Francis of Assisi is considered a radical as he identified with the poor, the environment and was considered the patron saint of animals. His philosophy and teachings are more relevant today than ever and are propagated by our Holy priest too," he says.
A musical with 16 songs, the play has a cast comprising priests studying at Pilar Niketan. "We are famous for our music as most of us come from Goa," says Gomes and adds he has experimented with different genres of music and dance like hiphop, reggae, western pop, soul and even cha cha cha to make it interesting. "I have also used videos to depict the turmoil in the life of the saint," he says.

The 80-minute drama has actors take up socially relevant issues like accidents, rape, poverty and illiteracy. It searches for answers in the philosophy of St Francis. A large part of the narrative is through a variety of songs.

Gomes chose to study filmmaking as he felt this would help him in his work too.

"We are basically engaged in the task of providing good education to people. We travel to remote parts of the country where often an audio visual medium could be more informing than the written word," he says explaining why he chose filmmaking as a course though he had got a full scholarship to study art in the US.

"Music, dance and theatre have always been used for spreading messages but films are making a better impact now," says Gomes as he feels that putting up a live show is not very different from shooting on film.

Source: Times of India

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