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Singapore faith leaders call for more interfaith dialogue

Education, formation promotes understanding between religions, they say.


Religious leaders expressed concern that members of different faith groups are becoming more distant from others.

Faith leaders, gathered at a symposium on Jan. 20 on interfaith relations, said the antidote to this lies in education and faith formation, reported The Straight Times.

The leaders called for more interfaith dialogue to promote understanding, in the light of sectarian strife and terror attacks around the world.

Archbishop William Goh said that Catholics, when engaging with people of other faiths, should look at what they have in common rather than their differences.

He also noted that different religions preach the same positive values such as peace, love, unity and tolerance. These qualities are all key to being a good Singapore citizen, he said.

Archbishop Goh said that one way to kill interfaith dialogues is to start comparing religions.

"Don't say mine is better [and] yours [is] not so good. I've the fullness of truth, you've got half a truth," he said. "We cannot talk like that. If you begin a conversation like that, the dialogue finishes."

Source: UCAN

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