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    Manila: Death in the dark (Part I)

    This is the first of a two-part gallery on the war on drugs..

Young Catholics to honor Filipino social media users

Philippines: Catholic social media awards aim to motivate those who 'initiate and nurture a culture of truth'.


Praise Twitter for banning China's dark arts

China: Despite risking advertising revenue, the social media giant has taken a brave stand for true freedom of speech.


Church communicators dared to fill social media with 'good news'

Philippines: Catholics need to provide 'faith news' not 'fake news,’ bishop says.


AES deaths: Ministers face social media users' wrath

India: Hundreds of angry protesters staged a demonstration against kumar's visit to muzaffarpur.


Amazon under fire for 'hurting' Hindu sentiments

India: Amazon canada website earlier faced flak for sellingd oormats resembling the india's flag.


Sri Lanka revokes social media ban

Sri Lanka: The decision to ban social media was taken immediately after the attacks.


Polls midway, social media still fighting fake news

India: Social media platforms, however, say they are proactively disabling bots and fake accounts being used for political..