Indian Catholic News

'Solidarity Mass' held for accused Philippine clergy

Philippines: Church reiterates support for those targeted with sedition and other charges by the authorities.


Filipino bishop thankful for Muslim solidarity

Philippines: Muslim residents of the city of baguio offer to guard christian churches against terrorist threats.


Doctors across India on day-long strike in solidarity with Kolkata medicos

India: Doctors in several government hospitals in kerala and hyderabad also staged protests.


Mysuru Muslims express solidarity with Christians

India: The president of the unit munawwar pasha said they had gathered outside the church on sunday to send out a message that..


Filipino Catholics need to show solidarity with tribals

Philippines: Separating the struggles of indigenous people from the problems of those in cities has left many not caring.


Mumbai Catholics express solidarity with abuse victims

India: A signature campaign was also initiated for a memorandum that will be submitted to maneka gandhi.


Filipinos go red in solidarity with persecuted Christians

Philippines: Red wednesday campaign looks to raise awareness of suffering being experienced by millions of followers.