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Stop promoting superstition: Dakshinayan Abhiyan

Debate began after purification ceremony was conducted in hall where former Goa chief minster Manohar Parrikar's body was kept.


A corpse is beautiful, there is nothing impure about it, said Datta Naik of the Dakshinayan Abhiyan, an organisation that promotes rationalism, slamming the purification ritual carried out at the government-run Kala Academy, where Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar's mortal remains were kept for public homage on March 18.

Naik also demanded suspension of academy officials responsible for facilitating the 'purification' on Saturday, claiming such practices promote superstition.

"Death is a beautiful thing and the message which has gone out is that a corpse is bad, a corpse is impure. What is bad about it?" Naik said in his statement on Tuesday.

"Forget Kala Academy, every house where there is a death, the practice of purifying it should be stopped," Naik added.

The purification ceremony, photos and videos of which surfaced on the social media, triggered a furious debate in the coastal state.

Goa Art and Culture Minister Govind Gaude, who on Saturday ordered a probe into the incident, on Tuesday did a U-turn saying purification ceremonies were conducted in "99.99 per cent" Hindu homes after a death in the family and therefore a probe was not necessary.

He also ruled out any action against academy staffers, who had invited Hindu priests to perform the 'shuddhikaran'.

Naik accused Gaude of promoting superstition. "I feel bad that our friend Govind Gaude has supported it by saying 'havans' are offered in homes. We say it should not be performed even in houses. Someone should be suspended or punished. A message should go out," Naik said.


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