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When truth-telling becomes 'subversive'

Philippines: Philippine military claims communist rebels have infiltrated universities where students are being recruited for a..


Tamil, Sinhalese students bond at religious camp

Sri Lanka: Sri lanka promotes religious harmony at grassroots level by forging 'agents of change' among teens from different..


Vietnamese look abroad for better education

Vietnam: Catholic students aim to maintain their faith and improve their prospects away from their homeland's corruption.


Japanese university to accept transgender students

Japan: Founded in 1875, ochanomizu is also japan's first higher educational institution for women.


Kerala offers scholarship, shelter homes to transgender students

India: At present, 148 transgender persons are enrolled under the program which was launched in 2016.


Nothing comes easy for Indonesian Christian students

Indonesia: Education for east nusa tenggara schoolchildren is one long struggle against a lack of everything.


Muslim students protest Catholic College banning hijab

India: Muslim students say the collegeĀ“s move was stopping them from practicing their religion and constitutional rights.