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Teenager burnt alive for seeking justice for raped mother

He was to appear in court in connection with the rape case.


A teenager fighting to get justice for his mother, who was gangraped, was burnt alive by nine people in Bihar.

Chintu Kumar, who was the main witness in his mother’s rape case in 2006, was set fire by the rape accused Sunday in Garabigha village of Nawada district.

He was to appear in the court in connection with the rape case.

Out of the nine accused, five were allegedly involved in his mother’s rape.

According to villagers, the accused forcibly entered Chintu's house in the afternoon and set him on fire.

Chintu's mother said that her only son had been threatened to withdraw the case and not appear as a witness in court.

"The accused repeatedly threatened to burn him alive and finally they did it. Where is the rule of law in Bihar? There is no place for the poor seeking justice," she said.

The woman alleged that the rape accused were powerful men with muscle and money power.

"I was told I would be taught a hard lesson if the case against them was not withdrawn,” she said.

She said that the accused asked her to give 10 million rupees to police and officials, including the judge.

Top district officials are reluctant to talk about the incident.

Meanwhile, the opposition parties in the state have condemned the incident and blamed Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for the deteriorating law and order situation in the state.

"The latest incident has again exposed a total collapse of law and order. Poor people have been targeted by the powerful in Bihar. We will protest against it," leader of opposition Abdul Bari Siddiqui said.

Source: NDTV

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