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Two Christian brothers arrested on charges of blasphemy

An official complaint had been registered in 2012 against Qaisar and Amoon Ayub.


Two Christians from Lahore have been arrested for alleged violations of Pakistan’s blasphemy law, and could face the death penalty if convicted.

Qaiar and Amoon Ayub, who are brothers, are charged with posting material offensive to Islam on a web site. Qaiar Ayub says that he shut down the web site in 2009, but a Muslim acquaintance reactivated it and posted the questionable material.

Pakistani Christian NGO CLAAS, "Centre for Legal Aid, Assistance and Settlement", which defends Christians in legal proceedings in which innocent people are involved, is looking into the case.

An official complaint had been registered in 2012 against Qaisar and Amoon Ayub.

According to Qaisar the website was closed in 2009, but one of his Muslim friends, Shahryar Gill, somehow managed to reactivate and manage it on his behalf, although the property formally remained in Qaisar’s name.

After a quarrel which took place in his office, Qaisar began receiving death threats and then had to hide. When the situation deteriorated, both brothers fled for a period to Singapore and then to Thailand. When Qaisar returned to Pakistan in 2012, he was informed that a complaint of blasphemy was registered against him. In November 2014, Qaisar and Amoon were arrested by the police.

CLAAS informs that the case is clearly based on false accusations. So far attempts to obtain bail or the release of the two have failed.

Qaisar is married to Amina and have three children, while Amoon is married to Huma who is a teacher in the active school at the Cathedral of Lahore.

Source: Agenzia Fides, Catholic World News

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