Indian Catholic News

Mizoram to hold unity fests across the world

India: With a population of 1,091,014 (according to the 2011 census), mizoram is a closely knit society with a christian..


The one-time maid who became a community leader

Cambodia: Inspired by a church community, a cambodian woman is now helping impoverished girls escape dead-end lives.


Reservations intended to achieve equality of opportunity

India: On april 15, the union cabinet approved provision of reservations in admission for ews students in central educational..


Catholic intellectuals strive to maintain unity through diversity

Indonesia: Preserving nation's secular society is a continuous process for the association of indonesian catholic intellectuals.


Uttar Pradesh government working for one community: Babri panel

India: The government will bring in a law to build ram temple if talks fail, deputy chief minister keshav prasad maurya says.


Mobs target Sri Lanka's Muslim community

Sri Lanka: Gangs have roamed the streets spreading racial and religious hatred since easter sunday bombings.


Marian devotion strengthens Catholics' faith in Vietnam

Vietnam: More families host flower ceremonies in may after marveling at how their faith has positively transformed their lives.