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Ten  volume on medical ethics

The books, published by New Delhi–based Media House, will help formation of priests, doctors, nurses and all those who work in the social and medical filed .

Reviewed By Christopher Joseph

Renowned Moral Theologian Father Felix Podimattam has come out with another first in the history of theological writing in India—a 10-volume work on the bio-medical ethics.

The work undoubtedly will be a reference book for all theology houses, medical colleges and formation houses. It was released April first week at a function in Jubilee Mission Medical College Hospital in Trichur, Kerala.

The work, published by New Delhi–based Media House, will help formation of priests, doctors, nurses and all those who work in the social and medical filed.

The first volume introduces Bio medical ethics, its nature and relevance. It also contains the major themes like theology of the human body, health, and healthcare, sickness, the problems of death, ministry of healing and mission of the Christian doctor.

A lengthy section is devoted for bio-ethical decision making touching the various fields of medicine where decision making is crucial. The volume concludes with the chapter dealing with the social, spiritual and pastoral dimensions of medicine including therapeutic sexual morality and therapeutic pornography.

The second volume leads us to the mystery of suffering. The age old question, why would good God allow suffering, receives a very meaningful response by inspiring the reader to accept and face suffering.

The third volume with the caption, ‘beginning of life Issues’ deals at length with the very relevant and current issues in medical ethics, such as artificial insemination, Amniocentesis and the ethical aspects of sex selection, Contraception, Sterilization, Human Cloning and other Kindred issues.

The fourth volume takes us to issues related to the end of life. Euthanasia, withdrawing and withholding medically administered Nutrition and Hydration, ethical issues related to seriously defective babies, etc. receive significant attention.

Volumes five, seven and eight are exclusively reserved to give a detailed bio ethical study and reflection on abortion, Challenges of AIDS, and In Vitro Fertilization; respectively. Volume number six opens wide the avenue of sexual counseling and therapy, volume number nine becomes very unique by giving exclusively a very important attention to the Mission of Nurse in the medical field.

And the volume ten, the concluding volume touches on the miscellaneous issues in Bio medical ethics, some of them being social justice and equal access to Health care, Religion and medicine, legal and ethical aspects of behavior control etc.

Author :  Father Felix Podimattam

Publisher: Media House

Price INR :  6,000 (for 10 Volumes)

Price US $: 220 (for 10 Volumes)

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