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The Ten Commandments in the Law of Christ

A true encyclopedia in the field of Christian ethics and morality .

The Ten Commandments in the Law of Christ
Reviewed By Jessy Joseph

The latest contribution of Dr. Felix Podimattam, which may be acclaimed as his masterpiece, is “The Ten Commandments is the Law of Christ,” a 20-volume work.

His vast knowledge on the subject gained through painstaking research, his teaching experience in various theological institutes stretching out over four decades and frank discussion with eminent thinkers have gone into this work.

These books provide us with a re-interpretation of the commandments keeping in mind the genuine concerns of the people of God and at the same time remaining absolutely loyal to the teaching of Christ – “Christ did no come to abolish the law and the prophets, but to fulfill them”.

Of the 20 volumes, 13 are newly written books while the rest are revisions of earlier books of this Capuchin priest, who has over 100 titles to his credit.

The volume is “a true encyclopedia in the field of Christian ethics and morality,” Mathew Paikada, another Capuchin theologian and author wrote in an introductory note to the author.

“What guides the author in the whole treatise is not moral rigidity, but a basic interior orientation to God in the person of Christ and he pays close attention to the internal dispositions and motivations of the believer," Father Paikada said.

The ethical fields covered include, among other things, abortion, euthanasia and suicide and violation in ecology and media. Media House, Delhi who has been the publisher of most of Father Podimattam’s titles, is the publisher of this great work as well.

Author : Dr. Felix Podimattam

Publisher: Media House

Price INR :  20 Volume Set 8,000 / Single Volume 500

Price US $: 20 Volume Set 350/ Single Volume 20

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