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Wald-Bulcke Bible Bhashya helps faith, literature

The first comprehensive Hindi language commentary of Old and New Testament .


The Wald-Bulcke Bible Bhashya is the first comprehensive Hindi language commentary of Old and New Testament.

The mammoth work is named after two pioneering missionaries who worked in the northern India: Divine Word Father Stanislaus and Jesuit Father CamilBulcke.

While Father Wald translated the Old Testament into Hindi, Father Bulcke translated the New Testament.It will be of special use to churches, Bible schools, colleges of theology and formation houses in most of Hindi-speaking region, including the tribal belt of Chhotanagpur region.It’s not merely a theological commentary.

It adds to the vigour of Hindi literature, providing a fresh literary depth to the language. The work could benefit all who are interested to learn about Bible and its linguistic expressions.

It should not be seen as a spiritual aid meant exclusively for Christians, who are a tiny minority among the Hindi speaking population in any case.The content evidently shows that its architect and chief-editor, Father Subhash Anand of Udaipur diocese, has toiled hard to bring out what is arguably the best theological resource in Hindi.

It will be a useful tool not only for pastors, priests, nuns, and catechists, but also for every Christian, who wants go deeper into the biblical texts and messages.The simplicity of the language and the straight forward narrations would help the Hindi-speaking Christians across denominations.

These Christian communities in northern India, although relatively new to Christin faith and coming mostly from the tribal and Dalit backgrounds, are on a path of progress. As majority of them get educated, the commentary would help them deepen their knowledge of the Bible.

The commentary is the fruit of the dedicated work of some seventy women and men from India’s three ritual Churches: The Syro-Malabar, Syro-Malankara and the Latin. Their contributions on assigned sections were collected and translated to Hindi.The language is plain, simple, and therefore reader-friendly.

The discussion on the technicalities was kept to the minimum, that too only when necessary to make the message adequately clear.

A few essays address some themes of relevant pastoral concerns. The team-members were requested to remain faithful to the text and to read it without allowing their Church concerns to bias them.

The work provides a much needed resource, and create unbelievable impact on faith formation. It combines the best of biblical scholarship with the pastoral and practical application of God's Word making it all the more relevant for anyone who wants to preach, teach and interpret the biblical passages for the benefit of others.Besides being a contribution to the Church in North India and Hindi readers, it would perpetuate the memories of Father Walde and Camil Bulke.

It would be a source of enlightenment, inspiration, and information to all who are seeking greater understanding of scriptures.The path-breaking commentary is published by Media House, a capuchin-run publishing house based in Delhi.Milianus Beck, S.J.

Chief Editor: Fr. Subhash Anand, Media House, Delhi, 2018. Pp 1192 (HB).

Price: INR 1200

Discount price: INR 840

ISBN 978-81-934421-5-9

Publisher: Media House

Price US $: 35

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